Philips Medical Systems was one of the first medical device manufacturers, if not the first, to decide to use CAN bus communication for the internal networking of their X-ray machines. Other medical equipment manufacturers soon followed in its footsteps, choosing to use CAN as an embedded network in an array of medical devices.

The medical device sector uses the CANopen application layer and communication profile (EN 50325-4). Further device profiles are available for X-ray generators, X-ray patient tables, X-ray stands, dose measurement systems, contrast media injectors, electro-cardiograms and CT scanners, to name just a few. CANopen is also used to control some automated Operating Rooms (OR), including the lighting, cameras, tables and beds.

All Kvaser’s CAN bus communication interfaces are compatible with CANopen, as well as J1939 and DeviceNet. Look out too for Kvaser’s Rugged product range of CAN interfaces and dataloggers which are designed for use in harsh environments, including those susceptible to water ingress.

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