CANlib v5.3 has been released

08/04/2014 by Kvaser

The latest version of CANlib, the software development kit that is used across Kvaser’s interface range, is now available. CANlib v5.3 supports all Kvaser’s newest products, including the soon to launch Kvaser USBcan Light 2xHS, Kvaser Mini PCI Express 2xHS and Kvaser Ethercan Light HS.

CANlib v5.3 includes the latest version of Kvaser’s t compiler, an important element of the programming language used to develop customised applications for Kvaser’s Eagle CAN datalogger. This new version features several improvements to TRX, the graphical user interface for the t editor, as well as enhanced error message generation. New sample code for Kvaser’s REST API, including new Python wrappers ( and can also be found in CANlib v5.3, which can be used to programme Kvaser’s Blackbird v2 WLAN to CAN interface.