My Leaf Light HS V1 creates noise on CAN bus

18/09/2019 by Kvaser

Because the Leaf Light HS (00241-8) or the Leaf Light J1939-13 (00642-3) are not galvanic isolated it is most important that the measurement set-up share the same grounding voltage potential. Otherwise leakage currents will occur which make the set-up sensitive to disturbances.
On the J1939-13 connector ground on pin A must be connected. It can be connected with shield pin E if the shield is the ground voltage potential.
The shield (protection ground) of the PC has to be connected to the J1939 shield.
If a lap-top with an AC-adapter is used the ground voltage potential on the PC might have an offset due to the design of the AC-adapter. To come around this problem try run the PC on battery mode without an AC-adapter plugged.