Kvaser Conference 2016 (California)

Kvaser has recently finished holding Kvaser Conference 2016 in beautiful Ventura, California, USA. The conference took place over two days at the Marriott Ventura Hotel with CAN experts from around the world coming together to share in all things CAN.

The Presentations

The conference featured speakers such as Lars Wolleschensky of Escript who spoke about the Jeep Hackers and Other Trends in security. David Purdy of Naval Air Systems Command gave a presentation on designing remote controlled seaborne targets and his implementation of CAN Kingdom. Our own Kent Lennartsson gave a speech about CAN FD covering both the technical aspects of CAN FD as well as what CAN FD may mean to you.




There was a sense of community as people moved about and took advantage of a time where conversation could happen freely, face-to-face, without the hindrance of scattered email chains or phone meetings. A favorite event of the attendees was the fika, a Swedish tradition, which gave everyone time to just, talk. A time to start a conversation that we hope we can keep going until Kvaser Conference 2017.

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