Kvaser is moving to a “Not For New Design” (NFND) policy on legacy products

23/01/2019 by Kvaser
As a new, high-value service to our customers, Kvaser is moving to a “Not For New Design” (NFND) policy on legacy products.


  • Kvaser’s NFND policy is a benefit to our users, providing an option for product support over extremely long project lifespans.
  • When a Kvaser product reaches legacy status, it will be designated “Not For New Design” instead of “End of Life” whenever possible.
  • NFND products are subject to increased price and lead times.
  • Contact Kvaser directly for price and lead time.
  • When possible, we suggest you migrate to newer versions of a Kvaser product line.

Not For New Design

Kvaser has traditionally used an “End of Life” (EOL) designation for products which had reached the end of their production lifecycle. This meant that those products were no longer produced. Updated versions of those products were released to the market and customers were encouraged to migrate to the new products.

We realize that certain CANbus installations are expected to function reliably for a long time, even over decades, with the same configuration. If this is your situation, and you absolutely need an older Kvaser product, please contact us – we want to continue to make your project a success.

Customers are still encouraged to migrate to the latest Kvaser product as soon as possible. The Not For New Design (NFND) policy, however, offers an alternative solution for customers with project requirements that demand specific product EANs.

Products designated as “Not For New Designs” are subject to increased price and lead times. Please contact Kvaser directly for more information.

2018 NFND Products:

The following products have been designated Not For New Design in 2018.

Click the individual product to visit the product page where you will find more information, including the suggested replacement product for new projects.


Contact Kvaser for updated pricing and lead times.