Kvaser Software Release February 2017: Kvaser Releases All New Version of Device Manager

20/02/2017 by Kvaser
Kvaser Software Release

Kvaser has released software version v5.19 of the CANlib SDK. This release includes updates to the Kvaser Device Guide, Linux Driver and more.

Kvaser Device Guide: All Kvaser hardware in one place

In CANlib SDK (v5.19), a new tool called Kvaser Device Guide replaces the Kvaser Hardware program. Users can now visualize and set up all their connected devices within the one software interface. A simple right click in the context menu on a selected device provides an option to launch and connect to the correct configuration tool. The accessibility of commonly required information has also been improved.

The other major news is that a new Converter Library can now be found in CANlib SDK. Previously only available in Kvaser Memorator Config Tool, the ‘kvlclib’ library allows users to extract and convert log files created in KME, Kvaser’s CAN frame format, into popular file formats such as ASCII, plain text and MDF4.
Other notable additions include:

device manager

CANlib SDK (v5.19)

.NET support for CAN FD and a .NET (kvlclibCLSNET) and Python (canlib.kvlclib) wrapper for the new file conversion library.

LINUX Driver and SDK (V5.19)

Dependency has been removed between ‘make’ and ‘make install’, keeping file ownership intact when you need to install using the sudo command. The new version makes it easier to identify hardware with an LED flashing function.

In addition, canBusOn and canBusOff behavior in Linux now matches that of Windows. The software update requires a canBusOn (and canBusOff) call for each handle. When multiple handles are open, even though they share same physical channel, users will need to go ‘bus on’ explicitly on each handle. TAs should be aware of this break in backwards compatibility between Linux SDK versions.


Plenty of new features have been added, including a Rescan button that can be used to update the CAN Channel box (within the ‘Bus Parameters’ tab) when connected devices are added or removed. Support can be found in this version for multiple channels to be stored in the History Window and play back in the Timed Transmission window, plus History List message lengths have been increased to 10000 from 1000 messages.

Finally, we are flagging up a known problem

Users with newly installed versions of Windows 10 1607 will not be able to install Kvaser drivers unless they disable “Driver Signature Enforcement”. Kvaser is working on a fix. If you would like to be alerted to the fix, please email us at [email protected] using the header ‘Secure boot’.

Editor’s note: The original version of this article incorrectly stated that “the kvlclib library would allow users to convert log files to MDF5,” when it should have read “MDF4.”