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Our product range covers many platforms, including CAN to USB, CAN to Wireless, PCI, PCI Express, Mini PCI Express, PC104+ and PCI104. Search for a specific product or explore our entire range.

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Third party software for analysis, simulation, calibration, debug and more is available through our trusted Technical Associates programme. Find an off-the-shelf package or talk to our Technical Associates directly for customized solutions.

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Kvaser offers a complete family of CAN interfaces, data loggers and add-on boards for CAN (Controller Area Network) and related networking technologies, such as LIN and J1587.

We have our users – engineers – uppermost in our mind when designing our products. Lightweight, easy to hold and to use and yet incredibly durable, Kvaser’s CAN interfaces and dataloggers can be used throughout the product cycle, for development, simulation, test and maintenance of CAN networks.

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Visit our support section for resources to get you up and running quickly on your Kvaser hardware. It includes Quick Start Guides, firmware upgrades and drivers, as well as support for developers, such as access to our free CANlib SDK and CANking bus monitor.

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