CAN Network Cards

Do you need to add one or more Controller Area Network (CAN) interfaces to your computer system? If so, Kvaser’s highly integrated CAN network card range supports a wide range of PC interface standards and form factors. Choose from our range of single and dual channel cards with Mini PCI Express, PCI Express, PC104, PC104+, PCI-X and PCI (quad channel version also available).

Variously referred to as network cards, interface boards, extension / expansion or add-on boards or cards, these devices are supplied in ‘bare board’ format i.e. without housings, so that they can be integrated within an existing computer system. Network interface cards (NIC) are either passive (no microprocessor on board) or active (the microcontroller executes the embedded control program to control the physical layer interface) but either solution provides the computer with one or more dedicated, full-time connections to the CAN network i.e. the data link.

Why choose Kvaser’s network cards?

With galvanic isolation as standard and a wide operating temperature range, Kvaser’s PC/CAN network cards are optimised for industrial and embedded PCs. As such, they meet the technical and cost requirements of almost any CAN application.

A major advantage of Kvaser’s PC/CAN network cards is that they are compatible with Kvaser’s CANLIB SDK, which includes everything you need to develop software for Kvaser CAN hardware. Having a shared common software API across all Kvaser CAN hardware means that programs written for one device type will run without modification on other device types. This approach protects our customer’s software development investment and ensures that no matter what the required lifetime of your computer system, new or additional Kvaser hardware will always be compatible with programs you develop using CANLIB. What’s more, CANLIB is licence free!

Don’t forget that Kvaser can often meet your custom can network card needs. Visit our Custom Products page for more details.


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