Kvaser Software Release September 2016: Single Shot Function Among CANlib’s Latest Features

23/09/2016 by Kvaser
Kvaser Software Release

Kvaser has just released CANlib 5.17, a major software update. This update adds lots of new features to CANlib for Windows and Linux.

Single Shot

Single Shot functionality has been added to CANlib for Windows and Linux to serve Kvaser’s Pro product range. In the CAN protocol, when a CAN frame is not transmitted successfully, the interface attempts to retransmit the frame as soon as the bus is idle again and this retransmit process continues until the frame is successfully transmitted. The single shot function means that failed transmissions will not retry. This is useful when performing the address claim process used within J1939, ISO11783 and NMEA 2000. You can also use this function when creating your own autobaud algorithm or checking if any other node is active on the bus.

Channel Naming

canCHANNELDATA_CUST_CHANNEL_NAME is another new customer requested feature. When you connect Kvaser’s CAN interfaces to a computer, the channels are numbered according to the order in which you connect them. The updated version , avoiding confusion when multiple identical interfaces are connected. To set a customized channel name, you will need to use the setchannelname.exe tool, which is included in CANlib SDK 5.17 (currently Windows only). Notably, support has been added for reading customized channel names within CANlib for Windows and Linux.


canAccept() and canSetAcceptanceFilter() have been added to the Python samples within CANlib SDK.  The Python samples have now also been bundled, making our Python support even easier to use as it can be installed using the pip (Pip installs Packages) package management system. See the blog post below for more information. Kvaser plans to further support Python in our next software release i.e. by January 2017. At present, just canRequest***() is missing from the wrapper.


For TA’s involved in Delphi projects, ‘LongInt’ has been replaced with Cardinal in ‘canlib.pas’ to match DLL. The update affects functions such as canReadStatus()and canWriteSync(), canRead() and canReadWait().

All TA’s, please take note that in CANlib SDK 5.17, the t compiler is now at version 3.5.


Within CANlib LINUX Driver & SDK 5.17, there is a new uninstall facility. Other new features in Linux include canReadSpecific, canReadSpecificSkip and canReadSyncSpecific, which were previously Windows-only features.

Memorator Tool

A notable addition to Kvaser Memorator Configuration Tool is a converter for the new MDF4.1 standard. This extraction format is supported within analysis tools such as MATLAB and Inca. To help you locate your data quicker, the log listing screen includes two new columns, the EAN and serial number of your Kvaser device. This screen now also gives you the option to show the log file creation and stop times in UTC or the PC’s local time.

To download CANlib 5.17 click here.

For the full release notes, click here.