Kvaser Software Release September 2017: Local Timestamp and Multiple Triggers Added

04/10/2017 by Kvaser
Kvaser Software Release

Software Update Highlights

Timezone Settings

Kvaser has added a new timezone setting in the Converter library within Kvaser CANlib SDK. When analysing logfiles, it can help to relate data to the timezone in question, so this feature allows Kvaser Memorator users to choose the local timezone when examining the logged data, rather than the default UTC. The option applies to calendar timestamps and file creation/conversion date/time within the latest version of Kvaser Memorator Config Tool (v5.12). Also in Kvaser Memorator Config Tool (v5.12), triggers can now be set on both rising and falling edges. Users will need to update to the latest firmware to take advantage of this feature.

Single Shot: CAN FD

The single shot feature previously added to our CANlib SDK has now been extended to CAN FD message support in Kvaser t programs.

t Program Datalogger Controls

t programs data logger controls have been expanded to include the setting of the pretrigger time from within the t program. This allows the user to adjust the amount of data recorded based on the trigger condition met in the t program.

Edit Channel Name

The ability to edit customer channel name in the Kvaser Device Guide within CANlib, marks the other notable addition to this release.

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